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Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Beta carotene, Argan oil & Lemon Grass.

The Serum

SKU: 11901TS
  • J. Ramos - The Serum has been cultivated by years of research and made with luxurious blends of natural oils, what you hold is the pinnacle of hybrid serums. The blend of antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin E stimulate hair follicles long after initial application; paired with a massage to ensure full absorption it aids to increase circulation and oxygen supply to skin. Beta carotene and Argan oil work together in sync for hair repair and healthy growth. This lightweight serum leaves hair soft, repaired and with a brilliant shine; Skin is left hydrated, protected and glowing.

  • As Hair elixir - Dispense a few pumps of the serum evenly onto hands. Apply into hair starting from tips to base of the hair for full even coverage. Work in with a light massage to stimulate scalp, more product can be used if desired. The serum can be applied on dry or damp hair.

    As Beard oil -  Best if used on freshly cleansed beard, dispense a few pumps of the serum rubbing evenly onto hands. Using fingertips massage with circular motions into the beard and skin, under chin and around cheeks. To finish groom beard down and style into place, enjoy the aroma!

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