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Keratin, collagen, Argan oil, Vitamin-E, Omega-6, Exotic moringa, B- Complex, Rosemary, and Biotin

The Complete Conditioner

SKU: TCC11901
  • Luísa’s Magic – The Complete Conditioner is the follow up to the Complete Shampoo; An excellent formula that aids to reconstruct, hydrate, and protect all hair types using 9 key ingredients. Beginning with a blend of pure keratin, collagen, & Organic Argan extract to eliminate Frizz, and repair damaged/ brittle hair. The weightless hydration and brilliant shine is achieved with the addition of Vitamin-E, Omega-6, & Exotic moringa; Leaving the hair soft and supple without excess heft for very easy styling. To conclude, the infusion of B- Complex, Rosemary, and Biotin stimulate the scalp to produce strong new growth. When used regularly the complete conditioner could help with irritated scalp, dry/damaged hair, and color protection; All while producing a lasting fragrance and leaving a brilliant shine. “The Complete Conditioner

  • Method of use – Use immediately after cleansing the hair with Luísa’s Magic Complete Shampoo. Wring excess water from the hair and evenly apply a generous amount of the complete conditioner, beginning from the hair tips and gradually working into the scalp. A light scalp massage is recommended, leave the formula in the hair for 3 to 5 minutes to achieve full benefits and then rinse completely with water. Repeat as desired.

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