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Luísa’s Magic - The Complete Shampoo gently cleanses impurities from scalp to strand, it provides excellent benefits to restore, hydrate, and protect hair. Our luxurious formula is infused with 9 key ingredients to nurture absolutely any hair type. We begin with pure keratin, collagen, & organic Argan extract to repair damaged/ brittle hair; While protecting and fortifying all existing hair. Absolute hydration comes from a blend of Vitamin-E, Omega-6, and the exotic Moringa oil. The hydrating blend penetrates the hair cortex to deliver supple and vivacious body to the hair. To complete our formula, and stimulate strong new growth Rosemary, biotin, B- Complex, and UV absorber has been an essential addition for sun protection. When used regularly the complete shampoo will treat product build up, dandruff, and irritated scalp while leaving a delicate fragrance and a brilliant shine. “The Complete Shampoo


Method of use – Evenly apply a generous amount of the complete shampoo onto wet hair and scalp. Proceed with a thorough massage beginning from the scalp to the tips of the hair to achieve a rich cleansing lather. Once the massage is to your liking, generously rinse with water and repeat as desired. For the best results follow up with Luísa’s magic The Complete Conditioner.

The Complete Shampoo

SKU: TCS11901
  • Keratin, Collagen, Organic Argan extract, Vitamin-E, Omega-6, Moringa oil, Rosemary, Biotin, B- Complex, and UV

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