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Collagen, Moringa extract, Rosemary oil, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, silk proteins, U.V. blockers & Sunscreen

The Complete Leave- In Formula

SKU: TCLF11901
  • Luísa’s MagicFortifying Leave – In conditioner is the 4th step in The Luisa’s magic complete hair care line up! A daily use creamy hair lotion that easily detangles, hydrates, and protects your hair! It does this with the help of Collagen & biotin to penetrate the hairs cortex, so that it rebuilds the damaged strands! This repair is ensured with the addition of Moringa extract; an exotic plant native to the Himalayas. With just the first use, you’ll feel how your hair is drenched in hydration. We blended pure Rosemary oil, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil inside the formula; These 3 together have proven to drastically improve the hairs ability to maintain hydration and stay supple. Now to protect your hair, keratin & silk proteins were added to seal each hair strand, and to ensure full absorption of every ingredient! To shield your hair from the harsh solar rays, we’ve included the addition of U.V. blockers & Sunscreen as well to cover all bases. This beautiful blend of ingredients could help extend the life of Hair color and chemical services as well! “The Fortifying leave-in conditioner”

  • Method of use To be used on clean hair! After rinsing out Luisa’s Magic Complete Conditioner or The Luisa’s Magic hair Mask. Wring excess water from the hair and towel dry. Evenly apply a sparing amount of the fortifying leave in- conditioner, beginning from the hair tips and gradually working into the scalp. It is recommended to thoroughly brush your hair and lightly massage your scalp during application. No rinsing is required, now you can proceed to styling your hair!

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