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"Complete Hair Care"

Luisa's Magic NY

Enter Luisa's Magic NY

    The signature hair & skin care line!

From cleansing your scalp to smoothing your skin,

Luísa's Magic NY has the proper treatments for you!


Curly, Colored, Permed?

Hair care products made for all hair types!


Wash, Rinse, Style!

Fresh long lasting fragrance!

Vegan & Cruelty Free!

Made In New York with love <3

"Beautiful, Inside & Out"

     as an idea in behind the styling chair, Luisa M. Ramos sought after the best hair care products for her clients.  

      Over the years She's come to the conclusion that less is more, and  nature will provide.  


The Merge Luisa's & J.Ramos
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 Professional, Precise, & Prestigious 

Luisa's Magic-Logo PMS 711.png
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    Luísa's magic & J. Ramos NY has been formed by decades of experience in the industry.

Our company has been rooted in the power that mother nature provides, along with enhancements from science!