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Yimmi Bedoya 

"Until you start believing in yourself, your not going to reach your true potential"

B&G Painting Corp.

    Currently Im very active in my business, I can be found on a 30 foot ladder somewhere painting, or sharing a drink with my guys after a long week. My free time is spent with my 4 children Nicole, Brianna, Nicholas & Juan. Their favorite hobby is riding trails on quads and dirt bikes. They enjoy traveling to different states to find new trails and see new scenery. My message to everyone reading is to remember…

2015 B&G Painting Corp. was born, I found my calling in the color swabs and paint brushes. My work ethic, my desire to see things through, and my perseverance have lead me to develop a strong team. The men that I have by my-side are the day to day reminder that blessings come with hard work. I keep my team very close to me, I look at my guys like an extension of my familia. The wisdom from my grandparents, gets passed on to the people I’m  surrounded by.

The close bond in the familia is strengthened by my lovely lady Lina. She was raised in a similar way, like I was. When we met I knew she was special, all I could say was “whoa”. Together we show our children empathy, and bravery in our household.


        nombre es Yimmi Bedoya, I was born February 4th, 1984, in Pereira, Colombia. My Grandparents raised me, my up bringing was full of positive influences, we had a finca where I was taught to earn my daily bread. It was an open and free-spirited place to live. Every day I was learning from their wisdom and loved by their kindness. 

    At 13 Years old I traveled to New York, my mind filled with stories and lots of inspiration. I came to find my new home with my uncle in Hampton bays. We immediately went into what we knew best, hard work that pays off. I went to high school in the morning and held a job with my uncle outside of class. It was difficult to balance sometimes but I would look in the mirror and say to myself, I know I can do more! 

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I developed a business savvy mindset by seeing how quickly the company I was with grew. Week by week, month by month I gathered the courage to establish a company with a partner. As time went on Ive been met with many obstacles that I couldn’t have imagined. It was so hard for me to build up and maintain, at times it was as if my business was a living, breathing, thing. I remember looking in the mirror, I would say “I know I can do more”. 11 years later and the business was flourishing, everything went well. However, I felt that something was missing. I made the decision to sell my landscaping business to invest into something else. 

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"Until you start believing in yourself, you're not going to reach your true potential."

B&G Paint Corp.


P.O. Box 905, South Hampton, NY 11964

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